The Funds

Republic Investments manages five Collective Investment Schemes (CIS, also commonly referred to as Unit Trust/Mutual Funds / Managed Funds) . CISs or managed funds are vehicles that allow you to pool your money with several other investors into a single fund that can invest in assets that might otherwise be out of your reach. Funds are invested in assets including shares, fixed income instruments, sovereign securities, properties or a combination of these, which is outlined in the funds prospectus/ Scheme Particulars. Highlighted below are the CISs/ Unit Trust managed by Republic Investments:

  • Republic Unit Trust (Money Market Fund)
  • Republic Equity Trust (Equity Fund)
  • Republic Future Plan (F-Plan) (Balanced Fund)
  • Republic REIT (Real Estate focused Fund)
  • Republic Wealth Trust (Fixed Income Fund)

The operations and regulations of the funds are under the ultimate supervision of the Capital Market Regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Ghana, and under the Governance of a Trustee.