Republic REIT (Real Estate focused Fund)

This is a collective scheme - set up in 1995- invests directly in the real estate industry. The Republic Investments REIT’s main objective is to provide investors with capital appreciation in a long term diversified portfolio.  The professionally managed fund’s primary focus is to invest mobilized funds into securities of real estate companies, development of real estate or invest equity in companies that engage in real estate investment activities.

To obtain its high-income goal, the fund invests mainly in real estate, land, and bonds. A small percentage of the fund is invested in money markets instruments.  Capital appreciation is achieved by investing about 75% of the portfolio in real estate projects, which provide higher gains. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the fund is also invested in high-yielding short-term securities to provide liquidity. The Trust it serves as an alternative investment vehicle for diversification into residential and commercial real estate activities. Through this special purpose investment vehicle the fund has developed over eighty (80) executive houses and serviced plots in Communities 18, 20 and 25 at Tema.