Areas Of Expertise

Areas Of Expertise (Financial Advisory)

Private Placement

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited is a significant market player in the private placement of debt (short and medium term) and equity instruments. It offers such instruments directly to a number of sophisticated institutional investors which includes insurance companies, pension funds, trusts and collective investment schemes, and when necessary, to some selected high net worth individuals. Republic Investments has the additional service of frequently underwriting the entire issue.

Industry & Investment Research

As part of our advisory services, our analysts conduct in-depth research into specific industries and sectors. We also identify viable investment opportunities in the country and other jurisdictions that will satisfy our investors’ investment appetite. Our analysts closely monitor economic developments, knowledge from which is used to either appraise an investment opportunity or re-consider existing projects owing to forecasted economic consequences.

Investment Banking

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited also has expertise to provide a wide range of advisory services in mergers, acquisitions, corporate defence activities, restructuring, Management Buyout (MBO) and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) deals.

Investment Appraisal

Our financial advisory services also span investment appraisals. Already identified investment opportunities are carefully scrutinized to establish their viability and profitability where applicable. Findings are presented to our clients in clear logical terms, detailing recommendations and factors considered to arrive at such conclusions. Our expertise also enables us to transform business ideas to investment opportunities and finally to projects, if viable.

Feasibility Studies

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited undertakes the preparation of financial feasibility studies for clients. Additionally, it reviews and refines feasibility reports presented by clients seeking funds for the implementation of business projects. Our objectives at all times is to bring out in our reports viable options available to the proponents of ventures they intend to undertake This enables the business to take off on a foundation that allows analysis and design activities to commence in a focused manner.

Corporate Restructuring and Valuation

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited also advises corporate clients on the most appropriate options considering the dominant objective of the firm calling for this corporate action. In most competitive environments, corporate restructuring can strengthen a company’s position for achieving its short-term and long-term corporate objectives. We can process your corporate restructuring through amalgamations, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, disinvestments, buyback of shares, etc. Corporate Restructuring can help restore, preserve, and enhance the value of an organisation.

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited competency to carry out comprehensive valuation applying the most appropriate valuation models and techniques is unmatched. These may include valuing alternative corporate strategies, valuing an acquisition target, valuing a division as a potential divesture or valuing a change in financial (capital) structure. In corporate restructuring, valuations may be used as negotiating tools. To determine the price that can be paid is generally the objective of most valuation exercises.

Public Offering

Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited provides quality and efficient advisory and marketing services for clients who desire to raise capital. We market by offering equity or debt instrument to the investing public through public offer of shares, commercial papers and notes. Republic Securities (Ghana) Limited ensures that all such instruments meet the legal requirements of the regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and where such instruments are to be listed on the stock market, the legal and procedural requirements of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) are also strictly adhered to.